South Africa Discussion Questions

  1. The concept of symbols and creating a unified narrative is a recurring theme in the process of reconciliation, especially in Bosnia and South Africa. Is the creation of symbols and a collaborative narrative problematic? Does it facilitate reconciliation or create further divisions between groups?
  2. Can sports truly facilitate reconciliation in South Africa? Did the 2010 World Cup illustrate unity in the country?
  3.  The Hoglund and Sundberg article brought up the concept of quotas and affirmative action in South Africa. Is this a useful tool to  facilitate reconciliation? Is this a fair practice or does it create more problems in the long run?
  4.  In the Bond article, he writes that post-apartheid policy has failed low-income people in many areas and the average black African household income has decreased, while white household incomes have increased. Is the TRC to blame for the persistent inequality due to the lack of reparations? Was the anticipated result of the TRC overly optimistic?
  5. Did the TRC’s focus on amnesty ultimately undermine the reconciliation process?

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